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Welcome to The Caribbean Beer Blog

In the Caribbean, and more specifically in Trinidad and Tobago, let’s face it, we have not always had access to as wide a selection of beers as in the more developed beer markets. Things are changing now, rapidly, but the dominant beer style in the Caribbean region has historically been pale, American style Lager, with Stout a significant second, and it’s still a long road ahead before that’s even likely to change.

Ales, Wheat beers, Lambics and Trappist beers, IPA’s, Dopplebocks, Barleywines, and anything else in between are all relatively new to the region, although every day I spend in this business I encounter a growing number of seriously dedicated enthusiasts whose thirst for knowledge (OK, pun intended) is both encouraging and gratifying.

The ambition here is more exploratory than encyclopedic, so forgive me for what will inevitably NOT be included. Of course, I’d be extremely grateful for any comments, info, tips, and any other helpful advice readers might want to contribute, especially about beer in the Caribbean. I’m learning here too!

I’m starting with the assumption that anyone reading this blog understands at least the very basics of beer; i.e. that it’s made from Water, Malted barley (and other grains), Hops, and Yeast. If you didn’t already know that, well, now you do. Great! Progress already!! We’ll get around to each of these in more detail as we move on, and how variations of the ingredients, and how they’re treated by brewers can deliver the huge variety of beers and beer styles available around the world.

In addition, any bars, pubs, drinking holes, restaurants and “rumshops” that, in my opinion at least, go the extra mile to enhance their patrons’ enjoyment of the amber nectar, will get honorable mention. In fact, if YOU, my readers, know of any great bars, or bars with the potential for greatness, then I’d be VERY grateful if you’d let me know so I can post them in the blog. Let’s share the joy!


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